I’m happy and relieved to announce that I got a job! The last few months have been hard work (ironically), but with perseverance and the help of many supporters, I am happy with the results and excited to start my new opportunity. Many lessons have been learned here, including not being afraid to use unconventional methods to come up with solutions to challenging problems, and help and be helped. Also, the power of social media to help spread a message and help you reach audiences you wouldn’t normally be able to tap.

I’ve also been very fortunate to get some great coverage during my campaign including:

This interview on CBC’s tech show, Spark, which aired on the radio on April 27, 2014. A huge thrill since I’m kind of a superfan.

“Improving on tradition: Finding new ways to stand out in your nonprofit job search” by Elisa Birnbaum for CharityVillage

“Witness a 21st Century Job Search” by Paul Nazareth

My piece on writing better job postings, featured in CharityVillage’s weekly newsletter, Village Vibes

Most of all, I am so thankful to all the friends, former colleagues, and new people I’ve met through networking, who have helped me get here, which includes the readers of this blog. Thank you all!

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