Question 15 – What would make you leave?

Everyone has their breaking points or limits. In this edition, my friend Zoe asks me what are some key factors that would make me consider leaving my current job for a new one. One of the points I neglected to mention in my video is that there would have to be a build-up of such incidences or factors; I’m not one to act impetuously.

The second part of the question has me answering another question from Jackie Klee, who asked me to speak about one of my biggest professional regrets.

3 thoughts on “Question 15 – What would make you leave?

    • Thanks! Relatively easy to pull off. Your posts are hilarious. It would be fun to see you demonstrate this on video: “My biggest failure? I had found out that two stones can be a great musical instrument. So when I did not have stones, I tried it with two dry twigs… can you imagine? Silly me, I invented fire!”

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