Question 1: What are you reading?

Here we go with my first interview question, submitted by Gaurav Singh. Gaurav was one of my managers at ING DIRECT, from whom I learned a lot. He is an astute business leader who taught me to take a bigger picture view of a situation and consider how it fit into a longer term strategy.

Gaurav said that he sometimes like to ask people to tell them about an article that they read recently, and the key takeaways. “I am basically looking to probe if someone is able to communicate the key points of a reading in a concise yet effective manner. Also, it give me an opportunity to learn about their interests, what they are potentially passionate about, and if they like to continuously learn via reading. And I give bonus marks if it allows me to learn something I never knew before (I do fact check).”

Thanks for your question, Gaurav. And thanks to everyone else who has submitted questions for me to answer. If you haven’t already done so, feel free to give me your question in the comments on YouTube, by tweeting to me @SneidiTee using #theinterviewstage, by adding a comment here, smoke signals, carrier pigeon – fill your boots, mate!

The two articles discussed in the video:

Companies: Stop Crowdsourcing Your Charity by Phillip Haid

So Apparently, We’ve Been Eating Apples All Wrong by Foodbeast

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