And away we go!

I knew I could count on my social media compadres to help me with my challenge. Already, the suggestions for interview questions for me to answer on The Interview Stage are many. What’s become clear is that everyone has vastly different ideas about what make good interview questions.

The Oatmeal

The range of question topics is wider than Julia Roberts’ grin. Britta, a former colleague from ING DIRECT, told me that a friend was once asked, “Are you a cat person or a dog person?” My neighbour Andrew was asked what the last concert he’d attended was, and my social media buddy Sang was asked a series of seemingly random skill-testing questions, including “What’s 7 x 31?

I’m going to give the interviewers the benefit of the doubt here and assume that there was context and relevance to these questions. Sure, the way a candidate answers a question is as important–if not more–than the answer to the question itself. But if you’re just asking things for the hell of it, you’re really wasting both your time. The interview is a pretty big deal for both parties; it’s the interviewer’s chance to get to know the candidate’s personality and consider whether they are someone with whom they can work on a day-to-day basis. And for the interviewee, it’s the first human impression to make, so there’s a lot resting on the image portrayed.

More on the importance and role of the interview later. At the moment, I’m working on editing my first video. Spoiler alert: it features a cat. In the mean time, keep those questions coming, and thanks for helping me build #theinterviewstage.

4 thoughts on “And away we go!

  1. can i leave my questions here? hope so!
    1. what about this job scares you?
    2. my question to THEM — what keeps you up at night? So THERE, phhhht. 🙂

    • You sure can! Thanks for your questions, Jennifer! Ooh, the one about what scares you is, well, scary. Vulnerability sure is a touchy subject, but if part of the interview process is to reveal the human side of candidates, it is a good one for sure.

    • Nice one, Gloria. A 2-parter. The 2nd part is a challenge because it puts the accountability back on the interviewee, or at least gives them the opportunity to take ownership of their own career in their answer. Thanks!

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